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Boxer Puppies for Sale

March 29

Boxer Puppies for Sale In Ohio

The Boxer is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States based on AKC Registration Statistics. If you are looking for Boxer puppies for sale and have wanted to own one, this guide can help you learn more about the dependable, kind and affectionate Boxer.

The Boxer is a service dog and is known to be one of the best seeing-eye dogs. This dog dates back in history as a courier dog and a guardian. It has many excellent traits and some downsides too.


What makes a Boxer a great pet?

  • This breed does not require regular grooming; because of its coat, it does not need trimming or stripping.
  • This breed is the perfect watchdog. It is alert and will bark when there is an intruder. Its owner and his family can depend on a boxer in case a situation escalates.
  • This breed needs to exercise and play on a regular basis and thus is ideal for owners who run, jog or train outdoors.
  • This breed is ideal for kids because it is energetic, playful and tolerant. It is also gentle with other smaller animals or pets in the house.
  • This breed is ideal for people who don’t have previous experience with caring and training for dogs.
  • This breed is for families not just for singles; it is tough but sweet and can protect its owners anytime.

Before getting a Boxer, here’s what you should remember

A Boxer is a dog that can steal anyone’s heart. But before checking out Boxer puppies for sale, take a look at these downsides of owning one.

If you are not a very active person then you might reconsider a Boxer. It needs to get out and play or run. Your Boxer could only develop health issues such as obesity if you don’t take it out for a walk or run. If you live in a small apartment then you might have trouble dealing with a boxer. Aside from needing a lot of space to exercise, it could bark loudly and cause a nuisance.

A Boxer may not easily tolerate hot and cold temperatures though so before taking a walk, find out how hot or cold it is before you take it out. Still want a Boxer for a pet? Then it must be time to check out Boxer puppies for sale.