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It’s about that time again – Flea and tick season is back!

April 25

Flea and tick season is back in Ohio!

Although fleas and ticks pose a threat all year long, they’re especially a threat during the warmer months. In Ohio flea season is usually between the months of march through December but it’s important to keep them covered all year long. You may have some pets that don’t go outside such as a cat but they should still be covered. Many people don’t realize you can pick up fleas outside and track them into your home! Gross! But don’t worry there are many ways to prevent fleas and ticks from causing any harm to you or your pet.

The soft, warm fur of dogs and cats is the perfect place for fleas and ticks to make a home. These nasty pests will feed on your pets blood and that can cause many health problems. Ticks transmit not just Lyme disease but also babesiosis (malaria-like disease), ehrlichiosis (bacterial infection), and sometimes tick paralysis (neurotoxin produced in ticks salivary gland). Over 200 different different species of fleas are affecting dogs and can transmit diseases. Some pets can have allergic reactions to fleas and ticks causing skin irritations and such.

Fleas can be a pest (no pun intended) so it’s easier to prevent them rather than trying to get rid of them. As a part of being a responsible pet owner it’s important to know what flea and tick medication works best for your pet. Hundreds of different kinds of flea and tick medications are offered but certain ones work better on different pets. If you ever need help finding what works best for your pet you can easily contact your vet for recommendations. It can get very costly trying to exterminate fleas and ticks so it’s best to keep your pet covered all year long!