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Looking for your first pet? Stop in Petland today!

August 20

Are you looking to get your first pet but don’t know whats the right fit? Stop in today and check out our wide variety of pets!

Here at Petland we carry a wide variety of pets from cute little puppies to slithery snakes. Yes, puppies are super cute but they do require a lot of time and work for first time owners. So starting out with a smaller caged pet can teach you the responsibilities of caring for a pet before moving on to a puppy or kitten! Check out all the pets we carry here at Petland.


Hamsters are a great first pet, they require little work and will spend most of their time in the cage. Just make sure they have food, water and exercise wheel and they’re all set!

Guinea Pigs:

Guinea Pigs are another great first pet. They are very similar to a hamsters care wise but can be a little nosier and larger. They will also spend majority of their time in the cage and like to burrow in huts.


Bunnies would be a step up from a hamster or guinea pig. They are also a caged pet but do enjoy a lot of exercise outside of the cage. Bunnies do poop a lot but don’t worry its easy to clean up as they resemble pellets.


Ferrets are very smart and trainable! This is a great first pet because they are caged but do great out of the cage. You can litter train your ferret but watch out they’ll steal your car keys! Ferrets are known to steal things and hide them, just make sure you have your stuff where they cant get to it.


Birds are definitely not the pet for everyone but we do carry a variety of birds here at Petland. Finches and canaries are great low maintenance birds, they are not hand tamed but people love them for their singing. Parakeets are probably the most popular first bird due to the low maintenance but sometimes can be hand tamed! And on to the larger birds that require more attention are the conures and parrots. These birds are very smart and can be trained to talk but do require a lot of attention and work!


Reptiles super cool pets but not the right fit for everyone. Here we carry lizards, snakes, tortoises and sometimes spiders! They do requires daily cleaning of the cage and even maintenance on them, they all have different needs.


Fish are probably the easiest to care for, not all fish require filters so that makes cleaning for you very easy! Ones that do require filters are a little more work and depending on the tank size would depend on how often you need to do cleanings!


Kittens are great pets and very independent. Most kittens will be litter trained right away making it that much easier for you! Having toys and scratch posts will keep your kitten entertained and happy all day long. Kitties tend to lounge a lot when your away but will be very playful with you as well!

So stop in Petland today and find the right first pet! You can interact will all the pets here to determine what works best with you! See you soon:)