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Doggie Day Care

January 10

We would all love to say we have all the time we need to take care of ourselves and our dog. But the truth is, your life gets busy and there are days and weeks when you can barely take care of yourself, not to mention your pet. A doggie daycare or boarding facility is the perfect place for your pet during these times. This daycare option could be the ideal choice to make sure your pet has all of its needs met. Here are a few tips on doggie daycares that may be the perfect answer for you and your puppy’s needs.

1. Information Required 

To keep the daycares safe, your dog needs to have all of his required vaccinations up to date. These vaccinations include rabies and distemper, and your dog must pass a temperament test. If your dog is over six months old, they must be spayed or neutered. It is a good idea to visit with your dog and see how your dog reacts to the environment.

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2. What Doggie Day Cares Provide

Early drop off hours, in case you need to get to work for that crucial meeting. Doggie daycares provide exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and lots of companionship. You can provide your dog’s food to the daycare,  so his diet is familiar to him. Dogs get ample playtime or time to lounge around. Nap times are welcome, and lots of treats are provided, and staff of dog lovers always surround your dog with plenty of love. Doggie daycares can be the ultimate place for your dog to spend the day.

3. Other Benefits of Doggie Day Cares

You are welcome to use the pet webcams to watch your pet while you are away; it may make you feel more at ease. Dog grooming is available if you have not had the time to get your pet groomed. Doggie daycares don’t need a lot of notice, so sign up online, pack up your puppy, and head to the nearest doggie daycare so your puppy can have some fun!