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Irish Setter

Beloved for their rich mahogany silky coat and their excellence at bird hunting, the Irish Setter is truly an Irish beauty. Due to their friendliness and enthusiasm with visitors, they are one of the most common pets all over the world. Discover more about our Irish Setter puppies for sale below!

Breed History 

Their history runs back to the 18th century in Ireland where they were developed to help farmers locate birds in the wild. Irish Setters were not always completely chestnut in color, the original Irish Setters had a mix of white coloring with red patches on their coats.  

In the latter part of the 18th century, the Irish Setter was not predominantly red, they were born sporting different colors.  However, the red dogs were the most popular.

Irish Setters are gundogs – dogs specially trained to assist in game hunting. They were traditionally employed to hunt because of their swiftness, their quick reactions and their keen sense of smell. 


The Irish Setters are fun-loving animals. They are always lively, they greet visitors enthusiastically and are very friendly with children. The Irish Setter has a high sense of alertness. 

They are usually very alert to their surroundings. It is easy to train this type of dog because of the high level of intelligence they display. 

They can be too rambunctious with children. They can pose a threat to small animals in the home because they are a breed developed for hunting. 

The Irish Setter thrives on the availability of human companions. Leaving them alone and void of human connection can make them hyperactive and destructive.


 Stated earlier, is the love Irish Setters have for their human owners and the constant to be around them. They would do well in an environment that lets them make occasional contact with human beings. 

They love to run.  A perfect environment for this breed is one that is fenced, which would allow them room to run as much as they want without the risk of wandering away from home. 

However, it is inadvisable to keep this breed in an isolated place like a backyard all by itself as they can get destructive, bored and hyperactive over time. 


The Irish Setter is an energetic dog. It loves to run around and initiate physical activities with owners or visitors alike. They require an hour of exercise daily. 

Owners can achieve help them achieve this in different ways. As a hunting dog, it loves the wild, so owners can schedule jogs with it. Owners can also take bicycle rides and the Irish Setter would excitedly run after the bicycle. 

The Irish Setter is not advised for people who spend long hours at work or people who don’t live an active lifestyle. There are Another exciting way to get them exercised is Frisbee throwing. 

Getting them to the pool and going for a dive is also great for their physical health. Hunting is a natural activity that they’d love to participate in.


Irish Setters have attractive coats that make them an easy spot in a sea of dogs. It is an important feature that sets it apart from other dogs in the world.  They possess a coat that is not too long and aligns perfectly with the rest of their body. 

Irish Setters are to be brushed often to keep the luster of the coat. They should be checked for debris after a fun time out. They usually don’t need a bath for more than a few times in a year. To avoid getting his skin and coat parched, dog shampoo should be utilized. 

Clean their ears weekly with a recommended cleanser and cotton ball, to prevent ear infections. Nails should be trimmed every month and their teeth should be brushed to prevent the buildup of bacteria in their denture. 

Our Irish Setter puppies for sale come from either USDA licensed commercial breeders or hobby breeders with no more than 5 breeding mothers. USDA licensed commercial breeders account for less than 20% of all breeders in the country. 

The unregulated breeders who are selling outside of the USDA regulations and without a license are what we consider to be “Puppy Mills.” We are committed to offering Irish Setter puppies who will grow up to become important members of your family. We only purchase puppies from the very best sources, and we stand behind every puppy we sell.

Contact us today to learn more about the availability of our Irish Setter puppies for sale. We look forward to helping you find your next family member. Our pet counselors can answer any questions you have about our Irish Setter puppies.


Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions about the Irish Setter 

Are Irish Setters unstable and hyperactive?

Irish Setters gained a reputation as ‘hyper dogs’ in the 1970s when they became popular. This reputation has people believing they are highly unstable. While they are quite energetic, they only become hyperactive and unstable if they are not being constantly exercised or if they are not well trained. 

How much grooming do Irish Setters need?

Their long chestnut coat does require some care but a habit of brushing them daily is the minimum they need. 

Are Irish Setters good guard dogs?

While they are highly sensitive to changes in their surroundings, they would only alert owners to the presence of a threat. They would however not be doing any attacking the intruders. They are more likely to find a place to hide or greet the stranger happily.

How often should Irish Setters be fed?

Irish Setters require feeding three times a day when they are less than six months old. When they are older, feeding could be reduced to twice a day.

Do Irish Setters shed a lot?

They don’t shed easily even though they have a long coat.

Are Irish Setters good apartment pets?

Old Irish setters possess good house manners. Young ones are however not great for apartments because they need room to run.

What is Irish Setters life expectancy?

They usually live for about 12 years.

How tall do Irish Setters get?

Male Irish Setters can grow to about 67 cm while females grow to a height of 62 cm.

How big do Irish Setters get?

Adult males can grow to a size of 32 kg and females reach an optimum of 29kg.

What should Irish Setters be fed?

They prefer homemade food, i.e. Real food

The Irish Setter is a breed that is easy to care for. As a very athletic animal, it challenges owners into an active lifestyle. 

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