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Petland of Columbus, OH offers valuable information on caring for your puppy and choosing a puppy that is right for you.  We have a wide selection of products for puppies and full-grown dogs alike. From premium dog food to Frontline & Advantage, we offer everything you need to care for and even spoil your “baby.”  We offer all the products you will need to meet your pet’s four basic needs.

Behavioral Needs

Training Resource Kit
Includes a toll-free number for professional consultation and a training DVD.

Puppy Training Kennel
Aids with housebreaking as puppies are denning animals by nature and want to keep the area where they eat and sleep clean. Kennels can also prevent destructive behaviors when you’re not home.

Crate Wear
Provides a den atmosphere.

Housebreaking Aids
A scented spray attracts puppies to acceptable elimination areas. We recommend Petland Housebreaking Aid

Puppy Treats
Positive reinforcement when training and creating desirable housebreaking behaviors.

Chew Toys
A puppy chews because he is teething. We recommend a minimum of 6 puppy-safe toys.

Collar and/or Harness
Necessary for identification tags, and keeps puppy under control and safe. Remove while puppy is in a carrier or kennel.

Keeps puppies under control and safe.

Deterrents or Repellents
Helps keep puppy away from specific items and areas (chewing, biting, and establishing boundaries).  We recommend Petland Bitter Works.

Behavior Modification Tools
Proper use of training collars and boundary devices can speed up puppy training and discourage disruptive behavior.

Puppy Book
Training information, breed information & instructions for ongoing care.

Maintenance Needs

Tearless puppy shampoos are gentle enough for frequent use. Never use human shampoo–it has inappropriate pH levels and is for human hair and skin. We recommend Petland Premium Shampoo!

These products keep your puppy smelling clean and fresh without over-bathing, which can cause dry skin and increased shedding.

Coat Conditioner/Crème Rinse
Especially important for long-haired breeds, these products reduce matting and tangles.

Brush & Comb
Good brushing habits keep your puppy’s coat healthy and reduces unwanted shedding. Great socialization activity.

Shed Reducer
Food supplement to reduce shedding.

Nail Clippers & File
Start nail trimming habits early and keep nails short and smooth on a regular basis.

Styptic Powder
Will stop bleeding quickly and relieves the pain if a nail is cut too short.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Establishing good brushing habits early prevents bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Stain and Odor Remover
Enzymatically breaks down organic stains that attract the puppy back to the same areas. We recommend Petland Premium Stain and Odor Remover!

Tear Stain Remover & Ear Cleaner
Keeps eyes and ears clean to prevent infection and stains.

Flea & Tick Product
Prevents and eliminates flea and tick outbreaks. 

Housebreaking Pads
Can be used in the house training process or as an elimination sight for small dogs.

Waste Scooper
Cleaning up while on a walk and around the yard makes having a dog more enjoyable. A waste scooper makes clean up easier.

Travel Bag / Carrier
As your puppy travels with you, why not do it in style?

Environmental Needs

Water Bottle
The most sanitary option for providing water in a puppy’s kennel.

Food and Water Bowls
Containers for puppy to eat and drink from. Stainless steel and ceramic are the most durable and hardest to tip over.

Dog Tie-out and Tie-out Stake
Best used with supervision, these ensure your puppy is contained while outside. Also reduces cleanup area!

Dog Bed
A comfortable place for your puppy to sleep and rest.

Identification Tag
To assist in the recovery of your pet if he is lost.

Nutritional Needs

Premium Grade Puppy Food
Ensures proper nutrition–check for quality ingredients.

Appetite Stimulant
High-calorie dietary supplement. Extremely important during environmental changes. Encourages good eating habits and combats hypoglycemia. We use and recommend Petland Puppy Boost.

Canned Puppy Food
More palatable than dry food and can encourage puppies to eat. Small puppies should go home with several portions of wet food. Older dogs should eat much more dry food than soft for better stool quality and tooth health.