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[#20196] – Black Male Giant Schnauzer Dogs and Puppies For Sale

Breed Profile

Giant Schnauzers are an intellegent, versatile working dog. They are very protective, bold and spirited. Calm, loyal, loving and responsible. The Giant Schnauzer is a true "Velcro" dog. It loves to be with its owner at all times. They are easy to train and respond best to firm, consistent training with a positive attitude and plentiful rewards.

The Giant Schnauzer should resemble, as nearly as possible, in general appearance, a larger and more powerful version of the Standard Schnauzer, on the whole a bold and valiant figure of a dog. Robust, strongly built, nearly square in proportion of body length to height at withers, active, sturdy, and well muscled. Temperament which combines spirit and alertness with intelligence and reliability. Composed, watchful, courageous, easily trained, deeply loyal to family, playful, amiable in repose, and a commanding figure when aroused. The sound, reliable temperament, rugged build, and dense weather-resistant wiry coat make for one of the most useful, powerful, and enduring working breeds.

Care Level:

The Giant Schnauzer is one of the 3 Schnauzer breeds; Standard being the oldest, Miniature, and Giant. They are a breed that originated in Germany and used as pseudo babysitters; where they were referred to as Das Kind Watcher, or the Child Watcher. They have served military and police for generations, even guarding breweries and stockyards.