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December 07

When I decided I wanted to adopt a Miniature Schnauzer, it was overwhelming trying to locate a reputable breeder and I wasn’t comfortable sending money out of state site unseen. When I looked on the Petland website I noticed 3 males at their Kingsdale location and 1 male in Round Lake, IL. I kept coming back to this cute, what I thought was a black and silver phantom colored Miniature Schnauzer on their website. I called the store and talked to Alex who told me he was a chocolate and tan but a dark chocolate so looks almost black. I had hoped for a girl but I could be flexible with the sex.

We set up an appointment for me to meet him the next day. Petland has individual booths where you can meet puppies and decide if they’re right for your family. Alex met me at the booth and I had to show my photo ID. He then brought my little guy out. He’s the only puppy I looked at. I knew immediately I’d be taking him home even though Petland’s prices are NOT cheap.

You do get a very extensive “starter” kit that covers most of the basic needs including even enough food for a couple of weeks. Alex then walked with me through the store and helped me pick out other things I’d need. We then signed the necessary paperwork. I pulled my car up and Alex even helped me load everything and buckle Bruno in.

Bruno just has his follow up vet appointment (covered by Petland) and I paid for additional vaccinations and scheduled more in January. All vaccines had been up to date at Petland. I had noticed Bruno scratching his left ear and told the vet. Petland even covered the cost of the ear drops. Bruno passed his exam with flying colors.

He’s already a huge part of my life. I’ve already taught him sit, down, and shake and he’s only 14 weeks old. He’s also 90% potty trained and has a great personality. He loves to play and cuddle. I can tell the breeder has to be reputable and when I look up information about the breeder it’s all positive.

This was a positive experience and I definitely recommend Petland if you’re looking to add a puppy to your family.