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Petland of Columbus, OH offers valuable information on caring for your small animal pet and choosing a pet that is right for you.  We have a wide selection of products for Hamsters, Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and more.  We offer all the products you will need to meet your pet’s four basic needs.

Behavioral Needs

Niches/Hide Outs
Stress-free hiding places and sleeping quarters for your small pet. Provide physical structures and/or materials for your pet to make their own niche.

Exercise Wheel
Many small animals will forage over great distances in their natural habitat. An exercise wheel allows for exercise inside the cage.

Fun Ball
Allows safe exercise outside of the cage and a place to put the pet while cleaning the cage.

Chew Stick or Block
Many small animals (except ferrets) have teeth that continue to grow throughout their life. Chew toys help keep teeth trimmed.

Treat Stick
Small animals forage for their food naturally. Treat sticks provide an alternate food choice, where the pet must work to remove food…this is a natural behavior.

Collar and Lead
Helps keep control of your small animal in new situations or on an outing. Also provides exercise and socialization.

Background information and instructions for ongoing care.

Maintenance Needs

Reduces shedding, tangles and hairballs, and keeps rabbits and guinea pigs’ coats clean and healthy.

Keeps cage and pet clean, reduces odors.

Litter Deodorizer
Added to the litter, feed, and/or water, deodorizers greatly reduce smells from small animal waste.

Litter Pan or Hamster Potty
Small animals can be litter-trained, especially rabbits, ferrets, and hamsters. Minimizes cleanup and makes it easier to control odors.

Nail Clippers
Rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets need their nails trimmed periodically to avoid injuries, both to the animal and to you.

Environmental Needs

Wire, glass, or plastic all have their benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to provide a home big enough for the pet at full growth.

Water Bottle & Holder
A sanitary alternative to a water bowl for your small animal.

Ceramic Dish/Bowl
Provides a clean place for food,. Most small animals chew, so ceramic is a more durable choice.

Ensures safe transportation of your small animal.

Cage Cleaners/Deodorizers
Break down stains and odors that build up even with regular cage cleanings.

Nutritional Needs

Staple Diet
Be sure to provide the proper food for your small animal’s age and eating habits. Provides basic nutrition.

Timothy Hay
Provides necessary roughage for digestion. Feed daily to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and hamsters for good overall health.

Alfalfa Hay
Also a source of roughage, alfalfa is a vital source of vitamin C for guinea pigs. Can also be given to adolescent, pregnant, sick, or older rabbits to boost overall health.

Assorted Treats
Nutritional variety, supports natural foraging habits.

Salt/Mineral Block
Helps maintain hydration and keeps teeth trimmed, as well as providing necessary minerals.

Ensure proper levels of vitamins vital to your small animal’s diet.

Stress Aid
(DriTail®) Very important during environmental changes, will help prevent or treat diarrhea (Wet Tail).