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Alex K.

Customer Comments: Friendly staff.

Nate G.

Customer Comments: Great selection of animals and friendly staff

Tamara S.

Customer Comments: I loved it

Angela Rinehart

Customer Comments: Love Petland!

Lib C.

Customer Comments: Always a very friendly staff!

Greg V.

Customer Comments: Great place!

Stormi L.

Customer Comments: Clean stores and friendly employees!

Jessica H.

Customer Comments: Love this place!

Tika T.

Customer Comments: Wonderful people!

Jennifer G.

Customer Comments: Adorable puppies!

Madyson A.

Customer Comments: I love this place

Amber P.

Customer Comments: Awesome staff.

Crystal R.

Customer Comments: AWESOME pet store!

Jennifer H.

Customer Comments: Everyone is so helpful!

Dave O.

Customer Comments: I been at the store a few times and have always found the staff very friendly and helpful. I have a few Petland pets and they have been awseome and a great addition to our home. I bring my dog to the store so we can shop and have fun! If you get a chance stop by and play the pets.

Willow R.

Customer Comments: Love this place and pups !

Em C.

Customer Comments: Wonderful staff, extremely helpful !

Tamera G.

Customer Comments: Never been but heard great things

Marco S.

Customer Comments: Very personable and helpful!

Siandra S.

Customer Comments: Best petland ever

Lindsey S.

Customer Comments: I love pet land!

Samantha B.

Customer Comments: We Love Pet Land!

Ray B.

Customer Comments: Our favorite pet store in town

Azrael L.

Customer Comments: Gotta love Pet Land!

Samantha M.

Customer Comments: Affordable pet care products!

Stacie C.

Customer Comments: Personnel is also very helpful & cordial

JoAnn R.

Customer Comments: Lots of quality products at Petland for pets.

Heather R.

Customer Comments: Great products, friendly people, wonderful experience!

Mindy R.

Customer Comments: Staff is very friendly!!! Always there to help with any questions I might have!!

Stephanie C.

Customer Comments: Very friendly staff ! Beautiful Animals

Shania P.

Customer Comments: Amazing customer service, everyone is so nice

Brittany D.

Customer Comments: Everyone is so helpful and kind at this store.

Lindsey L.

Customer Comments: Always great services and recommendations on products!

Meleah M.

Customer Comments: Staff is very friendly and always willing to help!!!

Amanda M.

Customer Comments: Beautiful store, wide selection, great prices👍🏻

Josh M.

Customer Comments: Great staff, always willing to help out.

Shaharra S.

Customer Comments: Awesome! Best dogs you'll meet!

Kaylin R.

Customer Comments: Great place for all of your pet needs !

Catherine P.

Customer Comments: Friendly staff, beautiful puppies! :)

Angela W.

Customer Comments: Always very helpful and have what we need!

Amber E.

Customer Comments: My family and I love petland!

Kirsten C.

Customer Comments: Pet land has always taken care of my pets needs, dog, fish, bird and all! Couldn't be happier!

Kristen D.

Customer Comments: Lots of puppies to choose from! Staff was helpful

Kelly K.

Customer Comments: Friendly staff adorable puppies! ☺️

Rachel S.

Customer Comments: Love Love Love Petland and everything they do! :)

Michelle F.

Customer Comments: Very helpful & pleasant staff at Grove City location.

David O.

Customer Comments: Always friendly everyone says hi and ask me for help

Nicole D.

Customer Comments: Great staff and selection of cuddly puppies! :)

Kylie D.

Customer Comments: Great experience, this place gave me my best friend :)

Alexis F.

Customer Comments: This was my favorite store growing up and still is my favorite store getting to hold puppies and play and adopt !!!

Carter F.

Customer Comments: petland is the best! they made the process of purchasing a new family pet.

Cora L.

Customer Comments: Love going there for my pet supplies and looking at the animals.

Amber R.

Customer Comments: Love Petland! Very helpful staff!

Lucinda N.

Customer Comments: The employees have always been very kind and has helped me purchase everything I need for my puppy and other animals. Thanks for your help

Lauren M.

Customer Comments: I got my puppy from here and I absolutely adore him.

Ahmad A.

Customer Comments: love this place 😎😎😎

Michelle C.

Customer Comments: Great store, great people , great prices. Get your next puppy here

Alexandria V.

Customer Comments: the staff is extremely kind and thoughtful with all of you concerns

Mystik W.

Customer Comments: his is one of the best commercial chain pet stores I have ever dealt with. I raise birds and was amazed at how knowledgeable the manager and staff was plus they actually spent time with them. They hand feed most of their own baby birds, something I have only seen at private owned pet stores. Very clean store and a staff that is courteously, respectful, and actually care about their animals.

Rottie M.

Customer Comments: Friendly service, always clean. Can't beat that!! 😁

Emily J.

Customer Comments: When I bought my first pet from Petland, Carriage Place the staff was very helpful.

Dominique W.

Customer Comments: Absolutely love going here, it's such a fun environment with excellent employees!!

Destany F.

Customer Comments: Persons were really kind and took their time with helping me understand things. Great help

Tiffany D.

Customer Comments: Always love visiting with the puppies great prices on dog food as well.

Jerri P.

Customer Comments: Wonderful service! Loved the staff, very knowledgeable about their puppies!!

Jonathon W.

Customer Comments: My dog goes crazy over Petland trips. The staff is beyond friendly and helpful every trip.

Bridget J.

Customer Comments: Always friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable.

Cay S.

Customer Comments: They are always very helpful everytime I go there!

Angela L.

Customer Comments: Great service. Very knowledgeable!

Darian H.

Customer Comments: Great place and prices! 😊 Enjoyed going to this Petland!

Dajah S.

Customer Comments: Awesome place!!! Great service!!! The Puppies smell wonderful ;)

Dennis T.

Customer Comments: Great store that is full of friendly employees. Highly recommend

Logan C.

Customer Comments: This place is awesome we got both of our girls from here.

Michael A.

Customer Comments: Great staff, great service... Beautiful pups!

Brittni K.

Customer Comments: Great store! We always stop in to get our doggie's dog food and to see the new puppies!

Tiffany S.

Customer Comments: Very clean place. Extremely knowledgeable and friendly people, always have been helpful every time we've been.

Rhonda W.

Customer Comments: I love Pet Land! Not only for my dog but for my cats and snakes as well

Carrie W.

Customer Comments: The kennel staff works very hard to keep the puppies clean! Always fun to watch them wash and groom them.

Taylor D.

Customer Comments: I love going in to see all the pets, they are good and very happy, it's a good place to start

Brian C.

Customer Comments: Widest selection of birds and animals compared to most pet stores.

Dominique P.

Customer Comments: I had an awesome experience the staff was helpful an patient with me and I ended up with an amazing puppy

Niki W.

Customer Comments: Always a good times to hangout with the pups and staff at petland. Workers are really nice, and informative when it comes to pets!

Kayla P.

Customer Comments: Staff is always very friendly and willing to let you play will all the pups!

Paige C.

Customer Comments: Every time I got to petland have great experience the service is amazing.

Amber R.

Customer Comments: They are always so friendly and have amazing dog toys and treats that my dog absolutely loves!

Elliott J.

Customer Comments: The staff is always very pleasant and helpful, and I love the selection of dog food and treats! Always a good experience.

Kailey E.

Customer Comments: Very friendly animals seem to be happy and joyful great advertisement to get the puppies forever homes :)

Kelley J.

Customer Comments: My helper was very friendly and helpful .She really new her animals

Rachael S.

Customer Comments: The staff is so friendly and they are so knowledgable about their products! I go here to buy dog food for my lab mix-- they always have it in stock!

Elizabeth S.

Customer Comments: I've always had wonderful experiences at Petland. The employees are always amazing.

Amber B.

Customer Comments: I always look forward to visiting the store! They have a wide variety of different kinds of critters, so there's something for everyone and the staff here are all very knowledgeable and friendly.

Madison S.

Customer Comments: I choose petland when I got my new Shetland sheepdog. They helped me with all of my questions, to find me the perfect supply's needed for my new puppy!

Sydney R.

Customer Comments: This Petland is very helpful! The staff can answer any questions you have!(:

Savannah S.

Customer Comments: Awesome place! My French mastiff has been a joy since the day we brought him home!

Tally B.

Customer Comments: We love pet land. We always find the best deals on the best treats.

Brooksider B.

Customer Comments: All the employees are very nice and helpful! Every experience at Petland is a good one!

Samy S.

Customer Comments: My most favorite place to be at, I stop by petland once a week just to be there, and I hope to work there some day.


Customer Comments: We love our puppy and we are so glad we got him from here!

Candace D.

Customer Comments: Well kept! Friendly staff, very helpful! Overall wonderful experience!

Ashley B.

Customer Comments: Always up to be beat and amazing people working! There are so many great, loving puppies!

Nathan L.

Customer Comments: We got our dog bailey from peland heath, we were pleased with their service and knowledge of breeds.

Taylor E.

Customer Comments: This petland is awesome, they have the cutest puppies! The staff is super friendly as well!

Jocelynn H.

Customer Comments: This place has the best staff. I always enjoy going in to the store.

Caitlin W.

Customer Comments: We got our fur baby (Bernese mountain dog), Bear, here! Our experience was a good one! :)

Thomas H.

Customer Comments: I love going into petland and seeing the animals I go in there whenever I have a chance just to look around the prices there are fair and the anmails seem to be in good health haven't had a bad experience yet

Breanna W.

Customer Comments: Petland has been amazing to us and Jarvis, he is seriously the perfect puppy and I can not thank the staff enough

Gabrela L.

Customer Comments: PetLand is absolutely pawsome! They help you find the Best for your pet, the best food,best treats,best toys. and the perfect pawtner! Thank you guys for being so furtastic!

Richard G.

Customer Comments: I have always had a wonderful experience when visiting this petland. The staff is very courteous and helpful.

Erin G.

Customer Comments: I love coming in to see the dogs. Puts me in a good mood every time!

Teresa T.

Customer Comments: Always fun to go in and hold the puppies. Very helpful staff.

Faith D.

Customer Comments: Great people! They are so friendly and helped us find the right food for our perfect pup!

Chad H.

Customer Comments: Nice place and staff.

Seth F.

Customer Comments: I love going in to play with the puppies. I just want to take them all home

Maddie L.

Customer Comments: Cute puppies! The staff is awesome and very helpful!will defiantly come back!

Jamie K.

Customer Comments: We love pet land, bought our husky from one and have never had a bad experience at any pet land we have visited!

Brianna S.

Customer Comments: I absolutely had the best experience at petland today! Everyone was so nice and helpful! I bought my first frenchie today from petland!

Juan M.

Customer Comments: I alway come here first cause i can always find what i need for my dog .

Heather G.

Customer Comments: I've dealt with Petland for both fish and doggy needs. The employees have always been very helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Maria C.

Customer Comments: Great Service and People!! I would highly recommend getting your next furry family member there!!

Christina J.

Customer Comments: I think petland is expensive but they have great dog food for the dogs! I just love looking around the store to see what else might might need, not to mention the employees are amazing!!! Thank you Leyland!

Josh T.

Customer Comments: Always love coming here to see the puppies! The staff is always kind and very helpful.

Robert G.

Customer Comments: I bought my make Shiba 9 years ago. They still have his picture up! Everytime I go in I received excellent service

Brettony B.

Customer Comments: I have been to this location maybe once or twice, each time I go I have no problem out of their staff. They are very friendly & will help you with whatever you need. I love going in to see the puppies, the staff isnt rude about you touching them or playing with them. If I didnt live on the North Side of Columbus I would be at this location each day. Lol

Roxana P.

Customer Comments: Best place ever I went to petland to purchase food and stuff for my new puppy and customer service was soo great I totally recommend this place love it

Tony M.

Customer Comments: Love bringing my kids to this location when I am home visiting family. Great animal care and customer service!

David C.

Customer Comments: Everyone was very helpful and kind. They have everything I need for our beloved Frenchies!

Haley H.

Customer Comments: Great place. Puppies are adorable! Hope to win the dog selfie contest!

Jeff S.

Customer Comments: This company has been great to work with and has been nothing but professional to me.

Kymber F.

Customer Comments: Petland Carriage Place is amazing! Every time we go there, the staff is always friendly and very helpful when we need help looking for something.

Tristen B.

Customer Comments: Everyone I'm in there the staff is always so kinda and attending. They are also very knowledgeable about the food product and whats best for my puppy's health. Thank you!

Stephanie P.

Customer Comments: Very helpful & wonderful staff! Love coming here wether it's to buy some stuff for my pup or play with the puppies there!

Caroline R.

Customer Comments: The workers at Petland have been so friendly and helpful to my puppy and I. They know what they are talking about and I would absolutely recommend Petland to anyone!

Courtney K.

Customer Comments: Very friendly, always welcoming no matter what time of say, willingness to help out and makes my pup feel safe.

Kayla S.

Customer Comments: They were great with our pup, he wasn't feeling well and kept messing in the house and they recommended a great new dog food for us and he's feeling much better now.

Hannah Lloyd

Customer Comments: Petlandohiov always has the cutest puppies!!! They have fair prices for on pet supplies and have very socialized animals.

Kelsie E.

Customer Comments: I have always had a good experience when I goto Petland the one I goto is in Lewis Center. Near Delaware. I had gotten fish and hamsters there many times. I entered my dog in the contest that's going on right now. His name is Kias he is a German shepherd mix.

Adam S.

Customer Comments: I got my German shepherd from here and she has never had any problems or issues. She is so cute and perfect, the staff was very helpful answered any questions I had right away.

Robin C.

Customer Comments: I love shopping at petland. Prices are reasonable. And my dog loves the treats and toys they carry.

Rae S.

Customer Comments: Best thing that ever happened to me was walking into Petland Heath Ohio. I have a Yorki-poo now thanks to the wonderful staff !

Ty S.

Customer Comments: Love the management at this store! Super nice and helpful. Also, bought both puppies from here and couldn't be happier!

Michelle W.

Customer Comments: We love going to petland and seeing all of the pets. Kids love to play with the puppies. With having different kinds od animals our self its great to go to one place for everything.

Demi E.

Customer Comments: Love petland! My puppy shadow loves to and find new toys and treats......i have also had workers personally volunteer to have an item picked up by them and brought to the store.

Seth H.

Customer Comments: This Place has always been so helpful with our pet needs. I love the staff from Holly, Sarah and Beth. They make sure our needs are taken care of.

Andria E.

Customer Comments: The staff is always so friendly and helpful! I like that I can bring my dog in with me and she loves all the attention they give her!


Customer Comments: The staff here are always very friendly and helpful. I am always able to find what I need. Not to mention the puppies are super cute.

Logan V.

Customer Comments: A perfect place for all your fur baby needs! Great selection of foods, toys, collars and everything else you need to keep your best friend happy!

Laurie S.

Customer Comments: Everytime I've been to Petland I've had a great experience. Very friendly staff, and helpful. I have adopted some furry friends from there, and love them so much.

Hannah H.

Customer Comments: We love Petland! The staff is always helpful and friendly. We got our puppy here. She is amazing.

Jen B.

Customer Comments: My name is Jen Bowman and I got Zoey a dachshund poodle at the Petland in Heath on 79 in 2006. Her and her brother were in the same kennel together. It was love at first sight when I saw her. They worked me and allowed me to get a credit card to help make the payments for her.

Mandy L.

Customer Comments: We love this Petland. Go almost every week to enjoy the puppies. They've had the same great curtious staff and they all treat everyone so well.

Bryttany S.

Customer Comments: I have been to Leyland at this location a couple of times now. Everyone is always super friendly and helpful. I purchase my food here and I love the buy 6 get your 7th free. Its the best deal in town.

Nicole C.

Customer Comments: All the employees are so kind and helpful. The store is always clean when I go! Definitely would recommend it to others!

Chelsey G.

Customer Comments: I often go here to just visit the dogs, but sometimes buy items for my dog. all the staff are very friendly and very kind. They always ask if we need help when looking around, they always seem to have everything stocked up like it should be. Very good place!

Megan T.

Customer Comments: When i walked in the staff was amazing and helpful. Answered all my questions and helped me get the appropriate items for my puppy and wven gave me some helpful tips. Thank you Petland staff.

Michelle H.

Customer Comments: Great variety on everything. Diesel is always happy when we come home with bags from Petland! I give 5 stars!

Christian S.

Customer Comments: It was great. They offer A lot of good animal supplies for good prices. I would definitely recommend going here for your pet needs

Jonna S.

Customer Comments: Staff is always friendly and helpful. They do a great job of keeping it clean and safe for everyone. Great place to go because you never know what you will find at a great price.

Corrina M.

Customer Comments: Great place. They were super helpful when I was looking for a new toy for my dog. They also were very helpful when I was getting a ferret from them.

Ashley K.

Customer Comments: I was just on my way to Walmart. I saw a "Puppy Sale!" sign and just knew I had to go. We walked in and I asked the lady if she had any German Shepherd puppies. She handed me Cleopatra. The rest is history. Cleo has been my little nugget ever since. She's the best puppy I've ever had! I'm part of the puppies for life program, so I will be getting a puppy from here again, but not till after my Cleo is long gone, which will be years from now. I buy all of her food and vitamins here and she loves walking in with me to see other puppies and workers! They know us by name!

Amanda D.

Customer Comments: I love being able to come in and see all the beautiful puppies, hamsters, kittens, etc. It always seems well kept and the employees seem to like their jobs! I've never had a bad experience.

Erin M.

Customer Comments: I bought my golden from here almost a year ago. They were so super nice throughout the whole process and even let me make sure that my other dogs and family were OK with the new addition.. thank you guys for your help... I must admit that my golden had some minor parasite problems that took a few repeated trips to the vet and an ongoing passion to eat poop, that we still can't kick, but I don't see any reason to not come back in the future. Also FYI that their "puppy for life" program is only if you agree to feed your dog their suggested dog food and supplements, which I did not do.. but that was my own choice.. I have also been coming to this store for almost 4+ years before my purchase, just for the occasional puppy lovin.. nothing like some fresh puppy breath to brighten the day :)

Danielle D.

Customer Comments: I buy my Higgins products from Petland and I refuse to go anywhere else. The employees are so kind and knowledgeable. You can tell they love and care for the animals they foster.

Taylor M.

Customer Comments: The staff at Petland were very helpful and kind! Puppies seemed to be well cared for and we love that they came microchipped and with vaccinations. Our puppy is in great health and I would definitely do business with Petland Carriage Place again.

Andrew M.

Customer Comments: This is rated as the #1 Petland in the country! Each Petland is individually owned and are run differently, the people who work at this Petland care about all the animals that come into their store. They are very specific about the breeders that they buy from, they do not buy from puppy mills and preform diligent background checks on their breeders. They care about the animals and you should feel safe buying from this store.

Cloey Y.

Customer Comments: Everytime our family comes to Petland, the staff is always friendly. We usually came there to play with the baby pugs which inspired us to get our sweet boy Magneto. We also have two other dogs who love all the toys we get from there.

Jami C.

Customer Comments: I absolutely love Petland and their stores. They have always treated me with kindness whenever my family and I have come into their stores. Even if it was to just play with the puppies. Nothing but great customer service.

Tori A.

Customer Comments: Adorable puppies that were well kept and pleasant staff! I really enjoyed the tortoise that walked around with the balloon attached to it - such fun! Overall it was a great experience and I'd definitely suggest this store!

Allyson F.

Customer Comments: Some of the nicest and helpful employees I've met! The owners of Carriage place petland were extremely helpful and very kind in helping my parents find the perfect puppy. They went above and beyond to look out for exactly what my parents were looking for in a puppy, down to every cute little black spot :)

Jenise L.

Customer Comments: Fantastic place to bring your four legged and two legged kids! Many great foods, treats and other supplies for your animals needs at an unbeatable price! We've been coming to this location for years, and have always had nothing but great experiences!

Nanci A.

Customer Comments: Everyone is super friendly and helpful. The puppies are very well taken care of as well. we love to go there and play with all the puppies!!! Its great to be interactive with them until they can find their 'furever' homes!

Lauren Z.

Customer Comments: Petland always has so many adorable pets. The employees are very helpful when it comes to assisting with petting a dog or looking for a certain toy/food. Very good place to go!

Kirsten N.

Customer Comments: Always a great experience! I'm a nanny and I always take my kids in to see all the cool animals. Also go here to get food and toys for my two ferrets. Love this franchise.

Beth R.

Customer Comments: Very friendly staff and absolutely beautiful puppies! Puppies are well cared for and playful. Wish I could take them all home with me :) I would definitely go back to this store and recommend anyone to visit here for their pet needs.

Aspen F.

Customer Comments: I've been coming here for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager I would come here with friends and play with puppies and talk to the staff members. Always a fun time and now that I am an adult with my own pets I come here to get them toys and treats. 😊 Great store.

Sarah H.

Customer Comments: I purchased my English Mastiff from this location, and they went above and beyond with helping us with every question, and making sure we were able to take home the puppy we fell in love with. He has been the greatest addition to our family and I will never own another breed. I can't wait until I get another one, and I will be returning to this location. Thank you!

Trinity M.

Customer Comments: I have always loved Petland since I was a child. My grandmother used to take me there to play with the puppies and kittens. I also got gerbils, lizards, and fish as well as pet supplies there all growing up. It is one of the many childhood memories I cherish! I still enjoy Petland and pets today!

Gabrielle P.

Customer Comments: love the convenience that Petland provides! It's a smaller store set up so I can get in and out quick. They always have the dog food I need and the staff make it a pleasant visit for me and my Bentley! They invite me back everytime and compliment how cute he is... Bentley loves the attention!!

Steven C.

Customer Comments: Never had a better pet buying experience! Super friendly staff that keeps me coming back. Hank our Victorian bulldog has been the best thing to happen to our family. Not one single health concern after more than three years. Their free pet food program is another perk of Petland. Will absolutely be purchasing another bulldog in the near future to give Hank a playmate.

Cindy Y.

Customer Comments: This place is one my favorite places to hangout when I'm bored! The staff here are very nice, except when they only allow adults to hold the animals especially dogs🐶but overall it's great!!! E💞M

Britney C.

Customer Comments: This is the location where I got my amazing Chocolate Lab named Daisy. Everyone was so patient and kind there. I had a lot of questions being weary because of rumors I had heard but everyone there was wonderful and treated my grandmother and I with the utmost respect. I got my best friend out of the whole deal which was the best part but they were just as excited for their puppy to have found a loving owner. I'd highly recommend them and go again myself in the future.

Colleen E.

Customer Comments: I love this Petland store. The staff is always friendly, caring and knowledgeable about all their products. Our Golden Retriever, Sully is transitioning from puppy food to adult food, he has a very sensitive stomach. The staff spent time with us to find what food would be best and what foods to stay away from. Couldn't be happier or more pleased! Definitely always coming back :) Colleen Meyers

Suzanne D.

Customer Comments: We went into this location several times to play with puppies and get a feel for what kind of dog we were wanting. The staff was always so nice and friendly and were always right there to answer any questions we had whether it was about breed information, hypoallergenic dogs etc. They were very knowledgeable about what breeds would be best for us. This location was great! You were allowed to get any of the puppies out and didn't have to be confined to the sectioned off rooms. The staff would hand you a puppy as you would walk in. If you got a puppy out they were not one bit pushy about a sell; they would let you take your time in your decision. We purchased a Merle Great Dane in Feb 2016. He was 2 months old upon purchase. We went in three weeks and seen him in there each time and just fell in love with him. The last time we went in we just couldn't leave without taking him with us. The staff was very detailed in explaining everything we would need and why. They also were able to negotiate to a price that we were more comfortable with. I would recommend this location to everyone! They are great! They remember my dogs name to this day when I come to visit. Thank You Petland of Carriage Place for being so good to us and our Henry!!!!

Collin G.

Customer Comments: Hesitantly came here after a bad experience at the Lewis center store to look at a golden retriever. We met Holly who was excellent at helping us figure out everything with the puppy and get everything we needed for him. Overall an excellent experience with a great salesperson and a great puppy!! Thank you guys so much for all your help with getting our new puppy. I definitely will be back.


Customer Comments: It was amazing, everyone was helpful.


Customer Comments: It was a helpful experience, great salesman, Josh was pretty helpful.


Customer Comments: It was a wonderful experience, amazed how helpful everyone was.


Customer Comments: Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Josh and Dana

Customer Comments: Wife purchased the puppy, everything was amazing and the puppy is doing great at home!


Customer Comments: Donavan was amazing, and puppy is great. Everyone was very helpful.


Customer Comments: It went good, everyone was helpful and kind and very courteous.


Customer Comments: It was good and everyone was very helpful and able to help us.


Customer Comments: My experience at petland went really well, the people in the store were really helpful!


Customer Comments: It went really well and everyone was very nice and helpful and knew what they were talking about, one of our best experiences ever!


Customer Comments: It was great, I hope to be able to get all of my future puppies from this Petland.


Customer Comments: My experience was great. Everyone was very helpful and very friendly.

Arlene and Anthony

Customer Comments: Everyone was extremely helpful.


Customer Comments: I had a good experience, everyone was helpful, I enjoyed picking my puppy out.


Customer Comments: Very good store, was very patient and not pushy. They had all the information I had requested and were very patient.


Customer Comments: The store experience was really nice at this Petland! My puppy is healthy and happy. I will definitely be coming back :)


Customer Comments: My store experience was great and my puppy counselor was a very big help.


Customer Comments: The staff was friendly, we enjoyed purchasing our puppy here.


Customer Comments: Store experience was great! Morgan was able to answer all of my questions, and was very informative.

Randy and Jarron

Customer Comments: Had a good time there, they were able to answer all our questions and the store environment was welcoming.


Customer Comments: Store visit was good! All of my questions were answered. Everyone was so helpful and nice.


Customer Comments: Had a very good time there, the store was very busy but the staff seemed to handle everything amazingling and they were very friendly!


Customer Comments: Had a wonderful time, we were able to feel welcomed and warmth for the staff especially Holly, she was a joy to work with!


Customer Comments: It was great time, Sarah was very helpful and the store was very neat and clean! I love my new puppy!

Kate and Zack

Customer Comments: Store experience was good. Holly was able to answer all of our questions. She was very knowledgeable as well.


Customer Comments: The store was clean and the staff was nice. Kelsey was great and answered all my questions.

Josh and Anthony

Customer Comments: It was awesome! They have really smart employees at this store who are nothing but the most helpful, I will come back again.


Customer Comments: Holly stayed till 10:30 pm for us, she really went above and beyond even when we changed the mind on the puppy we were getting, Holly made the experience just so amazing and we couldn't be more impressed and thankful for how great Holly was.


Customer Comments: Store experience was good. Sarah was great, she was super helpful and informative.


Customer Comments: Perfect. I am so thrilled with how my experience at the store went! I would definitely come back again.

Brittany and Kyler

Customer Comments: Visit was great! Sarah was very helpful! She was very knowledgeable and patient as well. Overall visit was good!


Customer Comments: My visit was amazing! Jennifer was able to go above and beyond and was able to answer all of my questions. The store was very inviting. AWESOME!


Customer Comments: Had a wonderful time there, they made sure I was taken care of and that I had everything I needed for a new puppy.


Customer Comments: It was good! They were helpful, knowledgeable, and cared about the customers.


Customer Comments: It was pretty good! Yesterday was my first time coming into the store and I would definitely recommend this store to anyone.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! Very active, happy and healthy! Absolutely attached tomy son! The experience at the store yesterday was great! Holly took the time to help us out, answer all of our questions and go through all of the paperwork with us.

Kristina and Andre

Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good! The store expereience was good. Everybody was really helpful and knowledgeable with all the questions we had, they instructed us to a place to call with any questions we may have, how to get there and phone numbers as well to contact if we had any questions! They answered every single question we had there so we had none on the phone and already AKC registered the puppy as well. We couldn't be more satisfied or happier.


Customer Comments: Had a great time! I loved my experience! Everyone in there was very helpful and knowledgeable! I felt confident with bringing home my new furbaby!


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing good! It was a good experience at the store. Holly was able to answer all of my questions and concerns.


Customer Comments: Sarah was very helpful in explaining the financing with me. She was very knowledgeable about the bullmastiff and was able to answer my questions. Felt secure with purchase and visit.


Customer Comments: The whole store was so helpful and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.


Customer Comments: The puppy is doing good. The store experience was amazing. I needed to get out of there pretty quick and they made it happen but did not skimp out on customer service at all.


Customer Comments: Store experience was good. Donovan was a really big help! He was very informative and knowledgeable. He was also very patient. The overall experience was good.


Customer Comments: I had a good experience. Megan was great and helped with all my questions and concerns.

Brandie and Kenneth

Customer Comments: Our experience went really well, the person who helped us out was very helpful and so nice, we were in the store for about 5 hours and enjoyed every moment here.


Customer Comments: Had no intention on buying a puppy, but when I went in there I fell in love! I was very happy with my experience and everyone was very helpful!


Customer Comments: Puppy is really happy and lovely. Pretty good experience at the store, can't complain at all. Erin was awesome, helpful and made the process speedy.


Customer Comments: Good experience at the store. Jenn was excellent, she was a great help. Answered all my questions and was very informative.


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing wonderful and adjusting wonderfully. It wasa wonderful store experience, everyone was very helpful, friendly, knowledgable and I can't complain.


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great! Mellow and lovable puppy! Perfect dog for my family! Great experience at the store. Everyone was helpful and awesome! A+


Customer Comments: Very good experience. Gabby had helped us out in advance while we were out of town. She got everything done for us yesterday as well and we were very pleased.


Customer Comments: Great experience. Can't complain. Megan helped us pick the best dog based on our needs/lifestyle and we could not be happier!


Customer Comments: It was really great. Everyone working at the store did awesome! Best pet store I've visited.


Customer Comments: Visit was awesome! Haleigh was amazing! She answered all of our questions, wasn't too pushy. She also helped us with all of our puppy suppies.


Customer Comments: Visit was great! Holly was great she answered all of our questions. She also helped pick out all the essientials need for our puppy.


Customer Comments: Good store experience, very happy with new puppy.

Adam and Maddie

Customer Comments: Everyone at the store was very helpful in making sure all paperwork, details and overall pet care would work out great for the new pet owner.


Customer Comments: Good store experience, Jenn/Holy were extraordinary helpful with feeding directions, explanations and all help. Absolutely in love with my puppy.


Customer Comments: The store experience was overall good. Morgan was helpful as well. Puppy is doing great.


Customer Comments: It was excellent service! Holly did an awesome job helping us out in the store.


Customer Comments: Alex was wonderful, gave us time to play and get comfortable with the puppy. Also, she was very knowledgeable.


Customer Comments: It was good, had such a good first experience the first time I went there to get my dog, I went there a second time to get another puppy. Haleigh was great, very knowledgeable with everything we needed.


Customer Comments: Holly was fantastic, I couldn't ask for a better person and she worked really well with me and the puppy.


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing awesome, store experience was great!


Customer Comments: Store visit was good! Sarah was great as well, she was very knowledgeable and patient. We love her so much.


Customer Comments: It was good, everyone was very helpful and kind and overall we were well taken care of!


Customer Comments: Our whole experience was fine and overall everything has been great with our puppy, shes been eating well and we love her!

Bobbie and Theo

Customer Comments: Good store experience. Holly helped me out a lot. Puppy is doing great. The pup already has seen the vet and is all set and ready to go! The vet said she is healthy.

Melanie and John

Customer Comments: Excellent service at Petland! Holly was extremely kind and knowledgeable and answered all of the questions we had with ease! She really made the whole process super easy!


Customer Comments: Everything went according to plan, we had a wonderful experience and the people were all very kind.


Customer Comments: Puppy is doing great, people were professional at the store.


Customer Comments: My experience with Petland went fine and the customer service within the store went fine as well!

Jane and Mike

Customer Comments: I had a really positive experience at Petland!


Customer Comments: It was good, the service was awesome and really good!

Marlyd Velez

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Date of Purchase: 11/16/2014
Customer Comments: Excellent experience, 1st time being to a pet store, everyone was very nice, very clean, smelt nice, Jackson was very informative, very helpful, patient and nice.

Kymberlie Comstock

Breed: Chihuahua-Pomeranian
Date of Purchase: 11/15/2014
Customer Comments: I had a really awesome time Kendra was very nice knew a lot about dogs and let us know a ton of information to help with having a new puppy.

John and Raynee Keil

Breed: Border Collie
Date of Purchase: 11/14/2014

Justin Anthony

Breed: Siberian Husky
Date of Purchase: 11/13/2014
Customer Comments: Wonderful experience, Teresa and Greg were both super helpful and friendly, just overall so kind.

Amy Naber

Breed: Golden Retriever
Date of Purchase: 11/13/2014
Customer Comments: It was very good they were very knowledgeable and the service was great!

Cullen Brookins

Breed: Dachshund
Date of Purchase: 11/10/2014
Customer Comments: “Puppy is doing great, going Mon. 9am to the AHUG Excellent experience, Greg was very friendly, and helpful.”

Kathie Vyvyan

Breed: Italian Greyhound
Date of Purchase: 11/8/2014
Customer Comments: Brooke was absolutely wonderful she helped us out a ton and made our visit the best it could ever be.

Tom Buenik

Breed: Goldendoodle
Date of Purchase: 11/8/2014
Customer Comments: robotic like voice, tried calling again same thing, bad connection.

Kalyn Harewood

Breed: Cavalier King Charles
Date of Purchase: 11/8/2014
Customer Comments: Really good experience everyone was very helpful, the owner was very friendly and informative.

Eric Kuhart

Breed: Dachshunds
Date of Purchase: 11/7/2014
Customer Comments: Very good experience at the store, Manager and new girl were so sweet and helpful.

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